Great British Scaleup Programme


From 'Battler' to 'Scaleup'

Great British Scaleups LogoGreat British Scaleups is the next evolution of our hugely successful Little British Battler (LBB) programme, which brought over 100 UK tech SMEs to the attention of the wider market.

As a result of particpating, many LBBs were able to develop their businesses further, spurred on by the increased market visibility and kudos that participation in the LBB programme brought them.


The Great British Scaleup Programme

The TechMarketView Great British Scaleup programme (GBS) seeks to assist fast-growing UK tech SMEs grow even faster!

logoThe programme offers a unique opportunity for fast-growing companies to develop their potential by tapping into the knowledge and experience of TechMarketView’s analysts along with experts from our Advisory Sponsor, ScaleUp Group.

ScaleUp Group is an elite team of successful tech entrepreneurs and seasoned executives chaired by respected industry luminary, John O’Connell. ScaleUp Group helps take successful technology start-ups to an even higher level of achievement in terms of capability and international growth. This is achieved through a unique combination of support, advice and finance provided by serial entrepreneurs who have been on similar journeys. ScaleUp Group members have an enviable track record of scaling up British tech companies, resulting in exits worth in aggregate over £4bn.

Cogeco Peer 1 logoThe TechMarketView Great British Scaleup programme is also supported by its Technology Partners. The first to be announced is managed cloud and infrastructure services firm Cogeco Peer 1We expect to announce complementary Technology Partners in due course. Great British Scaleup Technology Partners will offer candidates support on their scale-up journey.

logoWe are also proud to have techUK, the industry association representing technology buisinesses operating in the UK, as Official Supporter of the Great British Scaleup programme.


To qualify for participation in the TechMarketView Great British Scaleup programme, you must be a privately-held, UK-headquartered tech SME.

Preferred candidates will typically have more than 20 employees and revenue growth of at least 20% p.a. along with a minimum £3m annualised revenue run rate. Most importantly, you must have clear potential to accelerate growth.

GBS Workshops

Successful applicants will be invited to join us at one of our quarterly GBS events to engage in an intensive 90-minute, closed-door workshop to discuss their business plans and prospects in confidence with TechMarketView analysts and ScaleUp Group advisors. Participants will be assessed using our new ScaleUp Growth Index, a proprietary scorecard developed by ScaleUp Group.

There is absolutely no doubt that you will walk out of a GBS session very much better prepared for the next stage of your scale-up journey.

Other benefits

Every applicant for the Great British Scaleup programme, whether selected for participation or not, will be eligible for a free initial infrastructure assessment by Cogeco Peer 1.

In addition, participating companies will enjoy invaluable exposure in TechMarketView UKHotViews, along with coverage in selected TechMarketView research.


Applications to particpate in a Great British Scaleup Pre-Qualification Event will be announced on UKHotViews at least six weeks prior to each event.


For further information please contact